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Welcome To Our Group

Who Are We?

Bonsai Society of the Carolinas is made up of bonsai enthusiasts within about a 75-mile radius of Charlotte, NC provides monthly educational programs to promote interest in the ancient art of bonsai. Our club aims to promote the cultivation and appreciation of bonsai trees. With a diverse membership, we come together to share our knowledge, experiences, and love for these miniature masterpieces. Join us on this journey of creativity, patience, and tranquility as we explore the world of bonsai.


On the second Saturday of the month, we gather to learn, show, and work on trees together. Some programs given are strictly lectures, but most are hands-on workshops where the student is given some instructional information followed by the chance to practice what has been learned or BYOT (Bring Your Own Tree) where we all bring in our current projects and lend a helpful hand or a second opinion. 

The society hosts both local and nationally known bonsai artists, with at least one nationally recognized artist each year. Programs are provided for both beginner and advanced bonsai students. There are fees for some programs. 

The public is always invited. You do not have to be a member to attend our programs, but if you are seriously interested you will want to join us on our journey. Our Club members come from a wide variety of backgrounds but we all share a common love for the art of bonsai.

Learning the art of bonsai begins with a few simple steps but can carry the student into a lifetime of enjoyment. In Japan, it is not uncommon to have the same bonsai in the family for many generations. Each year these trees take on new growth and provide new opportunities.

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