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My wife gave me a Chinese elm for Christmas(Ulmus Parvifolia). I did not know it should be kept outdoors so I went out and purchased a Procumbens Nana to keep indoors. I found out it belongs outside so I think I finally purchased an indoor variety,Golden Gate Ficus(Ficus Microcarpa). I have all three inside tonight because of the temp ,16f . I did some research and found that the Juniper was a Mallsai. I am going to repot asap. The Juniper had a shell of glued on rocks and moss. Thanks ,Robert

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Gene Martin
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It isn't exactly the best time of year to be repotting, but I understand the need.  Try not to disturb the roots any more than necessary and keep it where the roots won't freeze (an unheated garage, perhaps).  Don't overwater, but don't let it dry out either.


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Thanks for the info .:)

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